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All purchasers of the Flyboard® will be required to complete a 3 hour Operator Course on how to operate the Flyboard®, a cost of $350. The price of the Operator Course is not included in the Flyboard® purchase.
Flyboard® Pro Rider Kit (New and improved 2013 design!)

Price: $5850

The Flyboard® Pro Rider Kit comes with everything you need to start Flyboarding! All Pro Rider kits do not include the hand attachments. The hand attachments are not neccessary for flying the Flyboard.


  • 1 BOARD (Main base plate assembly with built in flotation)
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM (Includes Y connector, three self cleaning, non-corrosive rotational bearing assemblies and stainless steel hardware)
  • 1 BIG HOSE which provides pressured water from the PWC to the Flyboard®
  • 1 180° ELBOW which reverses the PWC water outlet

Flyboard® Basic Kit (New and improved 2013 design!)

Price: $6250

The Flyboard® Basic Kit includes everything you need to start Flyboarding. Includes stabilizer hands for an extra $400.


  • Everything in the Pro Rider Kit plus stabilizer hands

Electronic Management Kit

Price: $1850

The Electronic Management Kit is an add-on that allows the Flyboard® user remotely control the throttle for your Personal Watercraft. With the Electronic Management Kit, there is no need for another user to operate the PWC. Recommended only for advanced flyers.


  • 1 RIGHT HAND TRIGGER which send a signal to an electronic card in the PWC
  • 1 LEFT HAND COMODO START/STOP and Emergency stop
  • 1 ELECTRIC CABLE links with the electronic card
  • 1 ROTATION SYSTEM COMPOSED OF SPECIFIC PLASTIC BEARING BALLS which allows the rotation of the thread inside the hose
  • 1 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM composed of a learning mode which manage power
  • 1 ELECTRIC BEAM to connect the PWC (start/stop, cut out box)
  • 1 ELECTRICAL MOTOR (inside the electric box)
  • 1 ACCELERATOR CABLE (different according to the PWC model which links the electrical motor and throttle body)

Adaptor Kit (Honda, Kawasaki, SeaDoo or Yamaha)
Price: $225

This adaptor allows you to hook the Flyboard to the back of your select jetski brand.

For more information on purchasing a Flyboard®, please call: (916)-849-7873.

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